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Phaseolus vulgaris the common French or snap bean whose green pods are used as a vegetable was domesticated in the Andes. It is the same species as many drying beans. Sow Beans indoors from April to June, and outdoors in June. The seeds can be started in modules or sown directly, 20cm apart, in rows 30cm apart. If beans are sown in cold wet soil they will not grow fast enough to get ahead of the slugs. The first warm week in June is best and sowing can continue into the beginning of July. Keep well weeded. Dwarf varieties do not need support. Beans should be picked quite small whan they are most tender, and picking will enocurage further flowering and fruiting. To save seed, some plants cn be left for the pods to mature. They can be harvested when most of the pods have turned brown. The plants should then be harvested whole and drying completed indoors. The beans can be shelled when the pods are crisp. This can be done by hand, or by threshing with a stick. Before storing check the beans are really dry by hitting with a hammer. They should shatter, not squash.
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A fine string-less round climbing bean. An early, heavy cropper. Delicious raw or cooked. Average 30 seeds per packet Grown by Jason Horner more info