Welcome to our 2021 Catalogue

of vegetable, grain and herb seed grown in Ireland.
All our seeds are certified organic, by the Organic Trust Ltd., they are open-pollinated, open source seeds.

We are pleased to announce that we are now certified to buy in certified organic and seeds and are pleased to welcome Jason Horner as our first off farm seed grower. Jason has been growing organic vegetables and seeds for many years up in the county Clare.

I am sorry that the website is closed down a lot. The joint clusterfuck of Brexit and Covid means that demand for seeds is way above what I can physically pack. That is why I have to shut down a lot. Since Holly is off running the country now, it is just me, Madeline, in the office. It is too small for social distancing, so I can't get help. Ringing, Facebooking, Whatsapping, texting Twitter messaging etc slows the process down a lot. If you really can't manage to shop here do contact me some other way but ordering online is the quickest way to get seeds out to customers. I only accept what orders I can post out in the same week. So if you order on the weekend you should have your seeds by the following one. I can send to others countries, in the EU without any problems. I can send to other countries too but it involves a trip to the post office and some form filling so it may take a few days more. 

All seed packets cost €2.80

There is a 10% discount on orders of €50 or more

And a 12% discount on orders of €250 or more.