Welcome to our 2023 Catalogue

of vegetable, grain and herb seed grown in Ireland.

All our seeds are certified organic, by the Organic Trust Ltd., they are open-pollinated, open source seeds.
We are still finishing off the list, but most things are up here now. 

We have lots of new varieties like this Wheatley Frost Resistant tomato, which we are not guaranteeing to be frost tolerant but it certainly produced well outdoors this summer. 

                                                      Check outer new in 2023 category which includes this beautiful Mohican lettuce.

A note to our new customers in Northern Ireland, Firstly thanks for shopping with us. Also please put your country in as Northern Ireland, as the postage will be cheaper than if you put in as UK. (This is not political, it is just because it doesn't go airmail)

We have had a new community seed portal made so that anyone can offer their seeds to the public.
www.seedie.ie Check it out.

Regular seed packets cost €3.00
Grower packets which are 10 times as big cost €15

There is a 10% discount on orders of €50 or more

And a 12% discount on orders of €250 or more.