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Giant Red Carrot
Giant Red Carrot
Our Price: €2.50

In 2016 we grew out several types of carrot including Touchon, which has been our tried and trusted variety here for many years. Lurking in the bottom of the seed box was a packet of Giant Red Carrot seeds, from the Irish Seed Savers Association. It was several years old and I wavered between binning it and sowing it. Luckily I was in an optimistic mood and sowed it. To my (initial) disappointment it outperformed Touchon in every way, seedling vigour, weed suppression, yield and flavour. So we saved the seed this year and here it is. I forgot to take a picture of it, so this is still the Touchon photo, However, it is a normal orange colour with pointy roots,, not red as the name suggests.   Average 250 seeds/ packet.