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Purple Prince
Our Price: €2.50

A dark plum-shaped tomato with a sweet flavour. It makes a rich dark tomato paste.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Paul Robeson
Our Price: €2.50

An early variety of medium sized, slightly flattened black tomatoes with terrific flavour. Like many of these black tomatoes, they perform well in a poor summer, developing flavour better than the red beefsteaks, in the absence of good sunshine. This may be because the originated in Russia, where summers are short. They tend to produce a lot of fruit quite early and then if they are fed and watered a later flush as well. The first ripe fruit was on 1st July 2017. Not quite a bush but don't get very tall.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Black Crimea
Our Price: €2.50

A large red-brown/red tomato that produces a heavy crop early in the season. It has a rich sweet flavour.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Black Russian
Our Price: €2.50

Large red/brown tomatoes with an intense sweet flavour. Similar to
Black Crimea but with hollow navels.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Blue Betty
Our Price: €2.50

Blue Betty A blue beef-steak tomato with red flesh. Fruit requires light to turn blue, so lower leaves must be removed or the fruit should be left on a window sill for a few days before eating. Average 25 seeds/packet

Chocolate Stripe
Our Price: €2.50

A big dark purple/black striped tomato with great flavour.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Indigo Rose
Our Price: €2.50

This variety was bred by JIm Myers at Oregon State University. Genes from wild tomato species were incorporated using traditional plant breeding techniques. It is a large cherry type tomato with dark blue skin on fruit exposed to sunlight, while the shaded part ripens to red. The color is due to high levels of anthocyanin, a naturally occurring antioxidant. Average 25 seeds per packet
Japanese Black Trifele
Our Price: €2.50

An unusual pear-shaped black tomato from Russia. This ripens quite early and has a sweet rich flavor, and a meaty core.  Average 25 seeds/packet
de Barao
Our Price: €2.50

A dark plum-shaped tomato with terrific flavour. It makes a rich dark tomato paste. What's more it holds on the plant for ages, which means you can make a big batch of sauce three or four times in the season. It is also fine as a salad tomato.  Average 25 seeds/packet