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Our Price: €2.50

Stunning elongated yellow cherries 'blushed' with red. A real treat for the eye as well as the mouth. Blush was selected by eight-year-old Alex Hempel from two of his favorite tomatoes, and is an ancestor of the Bumble Bee series. 25-30 gm fruits. Indeterminate. Average 25 seeds per packet.

Our Price: €2.50

This is a compact greenhouse tomato, with outstanding flavour. The large cherry fruit are a strong red colour and packed with delicious flavour. They have a slight protrusion at the flower end. New to us in 2016. Average 25 seeds/packet.
Yellow Perfection
Our Price: €2.50

Golf ball sized fruit, with good sweet flavour, a great producer right up to October, We got this variety from Head gardener Susan Trainer, at Ballymaloe House. It is allegedly an old English heirloom tomato.  New to us in 2016. Average 25 seeds/packet.
Buckshorn Plantain
Our Price: €2.50

Plantago coronopis Also know as 'minutina' or 'herbs stella', this plant is native to the coast of Europe, including Britain and Ireland. The young leaves are edible raw or cooked and will thrive outside during the sinter, making it useful for spring salads. The leaves are mild but with a slight bitterness that makes them interesting especially wen mixed with blander leaves. The flower buds can also be eaten, lightly cooked. Older leaves benefit for blanching before adding to salads. This leaf is one of the ingredients of 'misticanze', a salad mixture of wild and cultivated leaves that originated in the Marche region of Italy. The seeds can be reluctant to germinate in warm weather and will benefit from a cold spell. Best sown in early spring or autumn. It is often perennial.
Our Price: €2.50

Beta vulgaris A smooth cylindrical beet, which is good for slicing. Good colour and flavour. Sow directly in the ground from February to July. Thin to 20cm.