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Paste tomatoes have a high dry matter content and so make thick sauces. They are often not so tasty when raw but develop a great flavour when cooked. 

Long keeping varieties maintain their hardness for a long time even when the colour is indicating they are ripe. They will store on the vine in a green house until frost threatens then they are best in the kitchen where you can keep an eye on them. A sunny window sill speeds ripening and a cool dark place keeps them for longer. 
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Purple Prince
Our Price: €2.50

A dark plum-shaped tomato with a sweet flavour. It makes a rich dark tomato paste.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

A prolific plum, or paste tomato, used to make delicious thick sauces.  Average 25 seeds/packet
San Marzano
Our Price: €2.50

Oblong paste tomato with very high dry matter and excellent flavor when cooked.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Amish Paste
Our Price: €2.50

The ultimate paste tomato. Giant, blocky tomatoes which have delicious red flesh that is perfect for preserving. It comes from an Amish community in Wisconsin. This is a great all round tomato as it produces fruit over a long season, has great flavour and is also good as a salad tomato. Average 25 seeds per packet

Our Price: €2.50

A West Virginian heirloom tomato, very productive yielding large long fruits with few seeds. They are good for processing into a flavoursome paste and salsa.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Green Sausage
Our Price: €2.50

This is a banana shaped paste tomato that ripens from green to yellow striped with green. An indeterminate type. Average 25 seeds/packet.
Long Keeper
Our Price: €2.50

Best planted in early summer for late harvest. Hearty plant that produces huge amounts of 6 oz., round fruits. Popular for it's good taste and long storage ability. Because of slow-ripening qualities fruits become ripe1-3 months after harvesting. Pick in autumn, after fruit develops a pale pink blush. Unblemished fruit stored without touching, at around 65 degrees, can last for 4 months. Light orange-red colour when ripe, with pink flesh.  Average 25 seeds/packet
de Barao
Our Price: €2.50

A dark plum-shaped tomato with terrific flavour. It makes a rich dark tomato paste. What's more it holds on the plant for ages, which means you can make a big batch of sauce three or four times in the season. It is also fine as a salad tomato.  Average 25 seeds/packet