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Rose de Berne
Our Price: €2.50

Large Pink tomatoes with excellent flavour.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

Prolific, early, striped tomato full of flavour. Medium sized fruits.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

Compact plants suitable for a low greenhouse or under a large cloche. Large yield of sweet, bite-sized grape tomatoes. . Average 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

This is a traditional variety. Highly productive over a long period, it produces medium-sized fruit, thin-skinned and of very good flavour. Does well under glass but suitable for outdoor use particulaly as the fruit ripens reliably, off the plant. Average 25 seeds/packet
Forest Fire
Our Price: €2.50

An early tomato with attractive 2"-3" red fruit. Firm and split resistant. This is a bush variety and inclined to sprawl, but it is so early it is worth growing. The first one ripened in early July 2017. Bred by Tim Peters.  Average 25 seeds/packet.
Holly Rose
Our Price: €2.50

This is the most delicious of the new tomatoes this year, rivaling the black Russians in sweetness and with lots of acid tang as well.  It was also very early to ripen along with Ox Heart and Ida Gold. Medium sized slightly oblong, dark pink tomatoes. 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

This variety was developed by plant breeders Jim Myers and James Baggett in Latah county, at the University of Idaho, for short season production. An exceptionally early medium sized tomato, that also tastes great. Ripens outdoors before any other tomato of its size. We had our first ripe Latah on 2nd June in 2017, a day or two ahead of Ida Gold.   Average 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

Delicious French heirloom famous throughout Europe. Prolific crops of large, firm, scarlet-red, lightly-lobed fruit. Great salad or sauce tomato.

Mary Stout's Three-Sided
Our Price: €2.50

Brought from Italy to Ireland by Mary’s son,she is not quite sure of the name of it, so I have named it after her. It is a big Italian beefsteak, suitable for salads and for stuffing, as it is hollow and has a big seed cavity. It has great flavour

Our Price: €2.50

A very popular tomato and for good reason as it is a great all rounder. A tasty and prolific early, Moneymaker has medium sized red tomatoes. It crops for a very long season with fruit ripening until Christmas if not killed by frost. Indeterminate.  Average 25 seeds/packet