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This group of tomatoes consists of varieties that we have had good success with producing early crops in the green house and in a good summer outdoors. They have been selected for their ability to do well in Ireland. Many would be outdoor crops in places with better summers than us and many are bush varieties that are difficult to train in a green house, but are reliable cropppers even in a bad summer.
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Our Price: €2.50

The tastiest of our early ripening tomatoes. This is an old Czech variety with flattened, medium sized fruits. It is productive and reliable. Will produce outdoors.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Ox Heart
Our Price: €2.50

Beautiful big, pink, oval, pointed fruit with a fine sweet old-fashioned flavour. This tomato is also early. Sow from January to March. As this is an indeterminate type it needs to be supported and have its side shoots removed. Harvest July on. This variety came to Brown Envelope Seeds from Mirjam Bloem, thank you Mirjam it was a real favorite this year. I especially liked the melt in the mouth texture.

Ararat Flame
Our Price: €2.50

An early heavy cropper with good flavour. Flattened red fruits.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

This is a variety from Siberia. It fruits very early, and germinates well at low temperatures. The fruits are red and slightly flattened. More of a paste type with thicker flesh, this one is particularly good for cooking down into a rich sauce.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Forest Fire
Our Price: €2.50

An early tomato with attractive 2"-3" red fruit. Firm and split resistant. This is a bush variety and inclined to sprawl, but it is so early it is worth growing. The first one ripened in early July 2017. Bred by Tim Peters.  Average 25 seeds/packet.
Ida Gold
Our Price: €2.50

A very early yellow bush tomato, The fruit is a little bigger than a cherry. It has good but not superb flavour. It was 2 weeks earlier than any other tomato we grew in 2012. The plants died back quite early leaving space for a autumn sowing of something else.  Average 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

This variety was developed by plant breeders Jim Myers and James Baggett in Latah county, at the University of Idaho, for short season production. An exceptionally early medium sized tomato, that also tastes great. Ripens outdoors before any other tomato of its size. We had our first ripe Latah on 2nd June in 2017, a day or two ahead of Ida Gold.   Average 25 seeds/packet
Northern Lights
Our Price: €2.50

Lycopersicon esculentum 4-inch, round heirloom beefsteak. Wonderful intense flavour. Indeterminate Early Season Sow from January to March. Needs to be supported and have its side shoots removed. Average 25 seeds/packet
Our Price: €2.50

A dwarf red cherry tomato. A very early variety suitable for containers. Fruit should ripen both indoors and out. Average 25 seeds/packet