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Radishes are about the quickest and easiest vegetable to grow. Small round or cylindrical salad radishes come in a variety of colours and should be sown every ten days from spring until autumn to provide a constant supply. The can be grown in anything from a tin can on a window-sill to a field. The seeds should be sown about 1cm apart, and deep, in rows 20cm apart or, scattered on the surface of a container and covered with 1cm of compost. They should emerge in a few days. Begin pulling spring radishes as soon as they're large enough to use. Their quality deteriorates quickly once they reach full size. Winter radishes are sown in late summer and grow much bigger. Thin them to 20cm apart and leave in the ground all winter until needed for use
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Round Black
Our Price: €2.50

A large winter radish with roots the size of tennis balls that keep well. Very easy to grow, they can be eaten raw, sliced into sandwiches, or cooked like turnips. Average seeds per packet 250
Cherry Bell
Our Price: €2.50

An old Dutch radish that's red, round, and smooth. The flesh is crystal white, sweet, crispy, solid and mild.  Average 250 seeds per packet
Mino Early Daikon
Our Price: €2.50

A long, white, crisp daikon, sweet with mild pungency. The fastest maturing open-pollinated daikon available. It has seeded itself around the field, leaving us with a life-time supply of giant radishes. We originally got the seeds from Adaptive Seeds who recommended it.