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There is a bit of confusion in naming turnips and swedes. They are all called turnips in Ireland with the white fleshed ones often referred to as white turnips, which in Scotland are called neeps. Yellow fleshed turnips belong to the species Brassica napus which is believed to have originated from a fortuitous hybridization between the (white) turnip (B. rapa) and kale (B. oleracea acephala). They are called various things such as rutabegas in North America, and swedes in the UK. Both types can have purple tops which adds to the confusion.

Sow Swedes from April to August either directly in the ground or in modules.  Transplant or thin to 20cm to 30cm apart in rows 30cm apart. The plants from later sowings can be left closer as they will not get as big. Swedes appreciate rich soil but are not very demanding and can follow an early crop of peas or potatoes. Keep well weeded and leave in the ground until needed for use in the kitchen. 

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Tokyo Market
Our Price: €2.50

A very early, pure white turnip.
Best of All
Our Price: €2.50

Brassica napus: A native cultivar of swede with a purple top, yellow flesh and a mild favour. Sow directly in the soil in June to produce medium sized roots. Thin to 20cm when large enough to handle. Harvest throughout the winter. Average 200 seeds per packet
Golden Friese
Our Price: €2.50

A highly productive yellow swede that maintains its flavour throughout the winter.