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Oak Fire
Our Price: €2.50

A mix of excellently flavoured oak leaved red and purple mustards. Great for salad or bunching greens. Bred by Tim Peters of Peters Seed & Research for more cold hardiness and disease resistance than other red mustards.
Winter Purslane
Our Price: €2.50

Montia perfoliata also known as Miners' lettuce or Claytonia. This is a great spring salad that can be grown indoors or out. Its succulent triangular leaves and white flowers are both edible
Lamb's Lettuce
Our Price: €2.50

Valerianella locusta Also known as Corn Salad  This invaluable constituent of winter salads grows as a small rosette of glossy dark leaves. It is very hardy and undemanding
Our Price: €2.50

Eruca sativa. Spicy flavoured leaves for use in salads. This versatile leaf is easy to grow and can be produced all year round with regular sowings. Average seeds per packet 700.

Rocket can be sown all year round in a greenhouse or tunnel but is probably best not planted outside until March, then it should be sown regularly to provide a constant supply of leaves. The plants will go to seed when the days are short so planting in early spring and then in August and September is the most useful way to grow it. The flowers are tasty and decorative in salad.

Sow the seeds thinly in rows 20cm apart just covering them with soil, Cut the leaves when 3-6cm long.

The seed can be saved by allowing the pods to mature and then drying the plants. Place the dry plants on a tarp or in a  duvet cover to crush the pods and release the seed.
Texsel Greens/Ethiopian Kale
Our Price: €2.50

Brassica carinata. Vigorous plants producing succulent greens suitable for salads and stir-frying. It is very nutritious and rich in Vitamin C
Summer Purslane
Our Price: €2.50

Portulaca oleracea The succulent leaves of this plant add crunch to summer salads. Summer Purslane enjoys fine weather or some protection. Sow in March or April under cover or June outdoors. Harvest the succulent leaves when 5cm to 10cm tall. Average 350 seeds

New Zealand Spinach
Our Price: €2.50

Tetragonia tetragonioides An antipodean perennial plant whose leaves were used by Captain Cook on the Endeavour, to fight scurvy. As the leaves contain oxalic acid they should be blanched and rinsed in cold water, before cooking. It does not bolt in hot weather, and it has a high vitamin C content. Sow in spring and plant out after last frost. Seeds can take several weeks to germinate. Average 25 seeds per packet.
February Orchid Orychophragmus violaceus
Our Price: €2.50

February Orchid Orychophragmus violaceus A wild plant from China made popular by Joy Larkcom. This is a brassica for use in salads or as a cooking green. Sown in summer and autumn it provides mild but tasty leaves throughout the winter. Sow directly in the ground or in modules from June to September. The beautiful violet spring flowers are also edible.
Scorzonera Giant Russian
Our Price: €2.50

Scorzonera hispanica Black roots, ideally grown in sandy soil and eaten boiled, skinned and tossed in butter and lemon, 
 Sow April-May, and lift for use as required. The small young leaves can also be eaten in salads.
Land Cress
Our Price: €2.50

Also known as Winter Cress, Barbarea verna Provides mineral and vitamin rich leaves which taste like watercress but are smaller. It is easy to grow, and supplies over a long period. Average seeds per packet 450.